Galactic Shaman Astrology

Welcome to the community of Galactic Shamans

This is a place for the Magi to gather.  We have come from many star origins and have arrived on Earth to consciously bring the realm of pure Spirit into form.  Magic is everywhere.  It is a question of our will to tap into the flow of celestial power.  Whether you are an astrologer, alchemist, Shaman, seer, oracle, or consciousness engineer, grounded Human; we invite you to participate in this forum.  We open this space for our direct connection with Source.  It is a network of the Magi, and time to put our power and sovereignty into action with will and imagination.  This is a protected space, where we maintain our essence as luminous Beings of Love.

This site contains 30 introductory videos to Galactic Shaman Astrology. Visit this page for more details.

Artwork commissioned for Lalita by Nalinee Diosara. This is Lalita's soul code.

Artwork commissioned for Lalita by Nalinee Diosara. This is Lalita's soul code.

We offer a video series to get the basic language of astrology, to those who are interested in astro logos.  We define a Galactic Shaman Astrologer as one who can combine art and science to CAST a chart with the whole constellation of a sign rising, with precision.  We hand draw the sacred geometry with respect to the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  The aspects are reverently placed with knowledge of the relationship of mode and gender of the sentience of the stars and their seasonal determinants.  Each planet and asteroid is written with the awareness of SPELLING, or activating the magic cast.  The chart is then read with the permission of the Native, to vibrate with the sound of INCANTATION.  We use the fixed stars, adjusted for precession to determine a Divine BluePrint of multiple Star Origins to INVOKE CODES OF OUR MULTIDIMENSIONAL SELVES IN TERRESTRIAL form.  The video series will allow you to study your own chart as a unique expression, that you will be interpreting for the rest of this incarnation.  We will offer different levels of study as our site expands. 


Lalita Marie Karoli, Galactic Shaman Astrologer, has been noted to have an intuitive sense of the sentience of the Stars and Planets.  She can confirm your Soul’s mission, the ancestral healing you contracted for, the archetypes you are living out to contribute to the whole, your unique gifts and the core wound you chose that will provide the alchemy of transmutation.  It is your choice to consciously co-create with the multiverse by studying the magnetized light body of the planetary alignments from your first breath.
Lalita can be contacted to read Natal Charts, Solar Returns (birthday imprints), astro-cartography, personal asteroids, year ahead reports of transits, partnership synastry, and family dynasty, multilayered wheels.  Lalita studied various astrological models which all seemed muddied for 20 years, and then met Demetra George, who brought forth the ancient and unadulterated knowledge of whole signs astrology.  Lalita Studied with Demetra for two years of weekly intensives, from 2013-2015.  Lalita then combined her knowledge as a practicing Shaman, Yogini, and Galactic Librarian to explore the charts of people alert to their star seed origins.  She now has a global network of the awakened Souls, who increase her knowledge of the magical arts every day.  Contact her here


This site will also act as a gift for the growing Consciousness of Humankind.  We will hold Zoom conferences for members who wish to infuse the planet with love.  The gathering of the Magi, may or may not be astrologers.  We will begin the Zoom conversation with an astrological topic that assisted the song of the celestials to take root in our hearts here on Gaia…and then open it up to any insight from any perspective of love. To receive updates about the Zoom call, please join our mailing list here.