Astrology is not predictive, it's ProACTIVE. Harvest Full Moon

I am again reaching the “absolutely amazed” at the delusion level… as this Full moon in Pisces will be within a three degree orb of Neptune… the fantasy. Pisces is already predisposed to an absolute fictional existence… often lost in delusions and dreams of other worlds. In the best sense Pisces provides an escape from mundane reality and hard work … which it’s opposition in Virgo, provides the details for that material security. Neptune in Pisces is the ultimate escapism, relying on the lottery of predicted events. They come and go, like a wave on the ocean… here is a 9/9 portal… again nothing happened. WE HAVE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. The Celestials can be beaming down possibilities, only the Terrestrials can manifest in labor, action, and procreation. A Neptune at 17’ Pisces aspected Moon gives the mass numbing affect of spiritual opium. Luckily, Black Moon Lillith, the one who severs these narcotics, is at 13’ Pisces and closing in fast on Neptune’s porn. The Full Moon on September 14 here on Eastern Time is at 21’Pisces. My North Node is in Pisces… so I have had the grace to overcome much of the “easily seduced” nature of Pisces… See my previous blog on “How I left the 5d Matrix.” Check your charts to see in what House your delusions may be playing out. Then find the opposing planets for the Magic that you can make happen when you apply yourself in Physical Experience.

Mercury will be in Virgo, in its Dignity is analytical understanding of what is practical, realistic and instinctive. Incorruptible decisions for what is useful, sober, methodical and SMART.

Venus in Virgo is a fall… meaning she is not in her erotic glory. She expresses her love with practical gestures such as cooking or massage. She is a good gardener, mixing the beauty of flowers, with the necessity of food. She is reliable, competent and perhaps modest in Virgo.

Mars in Virgo is perfecting the “right dosage” Mars which is otherwise passionate, courageous, and even aggressive becomes methodical, critically careful, and precise. He is a skilled worker, caring and controlled in Virgo.

Sun in Virgo correspnds to the Harvest in which the chaff is separated from the wheat. The symbol of Virgo corresponds to the “death rune” and is interpreted as the critical examination of what will be a healthy seed… versus, the damaging and potentially toxic storage of grains that are not mature, have mildew, are stored wet or in improper conditions. The joy is in the details… and all of this makes an opposition to the Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces, which has no joy in details… but would offer one predictive illusion after the next to escape the personal responsibility of the Harvest.

How do we balance these opposing energies? We certainly are making little difference by posting articles about glyphosate soaked fields and spray on the oats just before it is harvested… we must be the change we wish to see. There are many community gardens all over the planet, and you can start one. Permaculture is a joyful process of living close to Gaia and making real change in living soils. Please check my youtube video: Practical Magic Permaculture, and perhaps join the facebook page “Practical Magic Permaculture” You can share your own videos and photos there… and get out of the prediction insanity web by sharing this blog. For a chart reading that explains your best map to terrestrial life… please contact me.

Lalita Karoli
How I left the 5d Matrix. Virgo Perfecting the Planet Mars

One year ago, I left the 5d Matrix. It may sound like How I left Mormonism, or Catholism, or all the other isms that were orchestrated centuries ago, or even millenium ago to reduce sovereignty. There are certain curses involved if one leaves a dogma. The Mormons particularly curse the female line to have no family or cultural relationships. The Catholics say you cannot remarry once you have divorced… and if you do, you may be relieved of your ability to attend church. In the 5 d Matrix, I faced the illusion of not being one of the “ascending ones” I may be categorized as the “low Vibe tribe” or receive the many comments about why I was acknowledging the “dark forces.” If I mentioned concerns for the ecology of the planet, I was reprimanded that Gaia was not in “pain” and that i should stay out of the drama. The religion I was part of required weekly meditations, on Sundays at 8:11, 11:11 and 5:11. We were to connect and create a grid. There were certain holidays that I was supposed to prescribe to that made no sense whatsoever to my astronomy lessons or my Astrological knowledge. There was superstition involved about “blood Moons, Blue Moons” and “gates,” it all seemed so necessary. I wanted to be a “lightworker” I wanted to make sure I signed up for the “spinning of my torsion field in a new direction , and removing of the reptoid DNA” We were supposed to lay down at a certain time, after a payment on pay pal and let the “arcturian high Council” do the works. I wondered about the Arcturian low Council… were they part of this also. Is there a hierarchy among Arcturians? I wondered about the necessary “cranial incisions” offered by the “Galactic Central Sun Race” how convenient. I don’t have to evolve, myself, it could be instantaneous, online, free and effortless. I went to countless ascension conferences and found the leaders of these cults to be teaching from platforms of some spiritual experience they had once and therefore it was a belief system. I even had ascension conferences here at my home, because I had some spiritual experiences to teach from as a platform. I held the Sunday unity meditation here for well over a year. I served tea. I was sure, I was one of the “In Crowd.” Some of my friends had taken elixers and had implants removed by a popular Galactic Connection speaker. She promised that she had word from “prime Creator” that we would all be ascending within 6 months and put in crystal recovery chambers. Then that popular host disappeared completely. One fellow from a very famous extraterrestrial center kept promising week after week that the “gold” from Chinese elders is coming. There were 5 d astrologers upgrading everything and offering special packages to star seeds. I looked at their offerings and listened to the videos, whoa! This was just more of the same interventions into a classical science, that few understand, but virtually anyone can claim to have developed a new approach that they received from their “guides.” I bought into a lot of this because I certainly want to be part of the team “light.” But, more than anything I was alarmed by the many predictions that never came true. The bifurcation of timelines… that some split would happen and 3d people would not be able to see me anymore. I tested it all. I studied the course work, I made my donations. I listened to all the interviews. It was all a sacred mirror. And Then I REALIZED. This was another orchestrated religion to capture and Cage. As Jeff Foster has termed it… it became the New cAge movement. The Good News Gurus shamed any negativity, depression, anguish, grief, illness, lack, marital disputes etc. We were capable of normalizing any abuse for the shame that we would not be “ascending.” Some people even left their families and went on worldwide “missions” to put crystals on leylines. They returned to heartbreak, and loss of home. Some people have been waiting for this ascension for 30 years, and they are now destitute, facing forclosure and bankruptcy in their seventies, not by choice to be free… but by default, because the predictions have been coming in strong since the 1980’s.

Now, I am not saying that we are not ascending, descending, or anything… What I am questioning is the whole made up hierarchy of it. Am I any more evolved than my Sisters in other countries who have no idea the New Age has taken hold? I want this conversation to unite us. We are One Being of Gaia. With Mars, Venus, the Sun, Mercury and the Moon traveling through the Details of the Perfect Seeds of Virgo… we will be put to the test with the opposition of each of these planets to Neptune in Pisces, “the Illusionist.” Please watch my videos on YouTube, “Spiritual Narcotics, Don’t Believe The Hype.” Mars will only pass through Virgo every two years, so we have an important opportunity to receive the Perfecting of the Warrior Planet. These planets in Virgo will Square Jupiter in Sagittarius for Truth and Justice… which can happen only every 12 years… and not again in our lifetimes to the square with Pisces in Neptune. It may feel like a “crisis in Action” if you have been waiting for a messiah, gate or Timeline bifurcations… because there is a sudden AHA! Mars will cause you to want to take action, but if you have normalized an enormous amount of abuse from a (partner) or some other social network, where you spent years pretending to be a High vibe Member… the reality check of Karmic debt can be extreme. Wake up anyway! The 5d matrix was created for a test… the grandest illusion of the Kaliyuga. Be joyful, you came to awareness. Shed the skin, and be free.

Lalita Karoli
Venus Combust. The Battle Goddess. All Fired UP!

The Sun burns and agitates any planet in its close proximity. On August 11, 2019, Venus will conjoin the Sun at 18’ in the seasonal sign of Leo. The Sun purifies the influence of the planet. In the case of Venus, the fulfillment of love, sensual pleasure and erotic desires is fully consumed in the spiritualizing rays of the Sun. The Sun is a Domicile Lord in Leo and therefore has all its strength of alchemy, to make love Divine, unconditional, supremely devoted to realization, and self actualization. In Sanskrit the word is Chaitanya, In The Heart Of GOD, is an apt description.

Because Venus rules the throat and the vocal chords, her expression has a fiery principle. No Word can remain unspoken. She becomes the Fire Dakini, dancing in the flames of Satya- Agni, purification. The Tapasya of Spiritual Heat consumes her. This combustion of Venus and the Sun teaches us to communicate love, without the need for being liked. The ego is burned away. Pure Fire Remains. Venus, with all her beauty is invisible within 8’ degrees of the Sun. She is usually peace loving as the ruler of Libra and Taurus…. there she just wants everyone to get along and be loving (verb). In Combustion, She wants to be LOVE, a state of being beyond likes or dislikes. The avoidance on conflict may have given her a fake vaneer for pleasing all. As Morning Star Venus, traveling in the day sky, with the Sun, she is the Battle Goddess. Compliments, praise and adoration are nothing to Sun combust Venus. She wants her Sovereignty. “She is the quiver ready at hand, the heart of the Battle, the arm of the Warriors, more passionate than Athena. She is the all-devouring; attacking like a storm, having an awesome face and an angry heart…. Heaven is mine, Earth is Mine, can any God Vie me?… The gods are sparrows and I am a Falcon. The Annunaki trundle along - I am a splendid Wild COW!” the Summerian tablets

These transits are integral to the experience of anyone who has a Libra or Taurus Ascendant. It may also be potent if the Placement of 18’ planets or points amplify the energy. If you don’t relate to the archetypes of Astrology, you can certainly feel the magnetics. Last year, we had an eclipse on August 11, 2018…. and this combustion at the same 18’ degrees of Leo is adding punctuation to the portal that opened one year ago.

This degree trines my natal Sun in Sagittarius, and Libra is the ruler of my Ascendant also found in Sagittarius. I bless and praise those who are willing to disagree, conflict, be disliked, and purify the expression of Love.

Lalita Karoli
Seasonal Sign of Leo is made of many Constellations including the BEAR

Astrology is an ancient language of the Stars. Although many are using it these days, few have educated themselves and are further watering down it’s powerful potential to decode the Celestial knowledge in our Terrestrial lives. The New Age religion has created many holidays to further distract us. Like Christmas, as a celebration of Jesus of Nazareth’s birth, is a chosen Calendar holiday, when in fact there is evidence that given the Star Alignments, travel conditions and edicts given to his family, he was likely born in early March, we now have a calendar holiday of 8/8, which people call the Lion’s Gate when it marks the fixed Stars of the Bear.

Let us understand that many constellations make up the seasonal signs in astrology. On July 6, each year, our Sun conjoins the Star, Sirius at 14’ degree Cancer, so I often do the ceremonies of Isis and Osiris near that time. Because Sirius is a large star, it may actually appear to conjoin our Sun for 20 days, so, it make sense that the Egyptian new year begins on July 26.

As I explained in my previous post we then receive the conjunction of the Donkey constellation and the Manger. Now I will give you several of the star conjunctions for the sign of Leo… which give the Seasonal Astrological depictions.

August 5. at 13’38 Leo, our Sun conjoins Acubens, the left claw of the Crab. “the sheltering or hiding place.”

August 7, 8 at 15’12 Leo, Dubhe, Alpha Ursae Majoris, is the Main Star In the Back Of The Bear constellation.

August 9, 10, 11, at 19’26 Leo, Merak, Beta Ursae Majoris is the side of the Bear. “Merak is of importance in a Natal Chart in the sign of Leo… to give a clue to the love of command and domination.”

August 12, 13 20’42 Leo, Ras Elased the yellow Star in the Head Of The Lion. “It gives a bold bombastic, brutish, but artistic appreciation of power.”

August 19, at 27’17 Leo, Alphard, Alpha Hydrae, is an orange Star in the water Snake constellation = Wisdom.

August 22, at 29’50 Leo, Regulus, or Alpha Leonis a quadruple Star system and associated with the Archangel Raphael. One of the 15 Behenian Fixed stars.

For me, there is no need to make holidays or “Gates” of the Calendar Dates. It’s more important to do your research on your own Natal chart and transits, because if Saturn and Pluto, the big Players for the year are aspecting a personal planet, or point… THE GATE is open everyday… and you will feel the intensity.

Please consider having a personal chart reading or studying the videos on this site. Visit Lalita Karoli YouTube for many free videos to inform yourself and not be trapped in a New Age Loop of Mass Consciousness.

Lalita Karoli
Leo New Moon. Sovereignty as the Cycle of Time comes to Completion.

July 31, 2019 at 11:11 P.M. here in South Woodstock, Vermont the New Moon In Leo at 8” 36 minutes, at fixed Star Asellus Australis… the Mare Ass, A Resting Place and the ENDING or STOP. North and South Aselli outflank the stellar cluster of the Manger. “This might be the origin of the Nativity pictures of the birth of Christ, of the Donkey always behind the manger.” I made a video yesterday about Sovereignty and was feeling that a Christ is fully Sovereign, like a Lioness. I had the intuition that like a donkey, which is a loveable creature, yet it can be self willed and uncooperative at times, stubborn and resistant… we all need to practice this as our Sun and Moon meet in Leo. Rest for a moment in the traits of the constellation of the Donkey’s Ass, marking the New Moon of what seeds we sow into the fertile grounds of the “end of Time.”

Last month I wrote a blog for the Meditation on Dissolution, which is still potent at this New Moon. The Nodes are still Square to Athena and Asteroid Lillith. Saturn is still retrograde with the South Node of our Collective past conjunct Lyra and Vega, where many Starseeds remember a complete annhilation. Yet, we are still here…. Indestructible. Saturn as Cronos is the Lord of Time. Pluto is the unconscious Death wish for complete Transformation. Whether we have a timeline of armageddon or ascension… the end of time, Saturn Pluto conjunction is coming… a rare alignment that can occur perhaps every two thousand years. The more we are in our sovereignty, and acknowledge a dissolution of the current structures, the easier the transition can be made. In my youTube video on Lalita Karoli Channel titled Sovereign…. I speak to get the conversation going in a fearless direction. If we hold to tight to the ascension without acknowledging the possibility of destruction… the Shadow grows. Try to hold each possibility with awareness. Our consciousness will create what we fear the most… so make peace with the beauty that we are Infinite beings.

Here are some keywords for a Sun and Moon in Leo at the FULL STOP of the Donkey’s ass… while Saturn and Pluto prepare for the end time. Sovereign: Possessing supreme or Ultimate power. Supreme, absolute, unrestricted, unrestrained, boundless, infinite, ultimate, total, unconditional, full, utter, paramount, chief, royal, regal, Queenly, autonomous, Maharaja, nonaligned, free. These are the words of any Master. These are the words I impress upon my Daughters. I model my authenticity as an absolute, unrestricted, boundless, infinite, nonaligned and free Being. I give example of how to say NO, set boundaries, leave groups, lay down the law, and remain my own authority. Yesterday my younger daughter was asking for her freedom to travel alone to New York. I said No, but that I would travel with her until I am sure she is Sovereign and can hold her own authority in any situation. She told me she has had many offerings of cocaine and other drugs and she was always able to clearly say no. She has been invited into dangerous situations and she held her own total, full and unconditional decision to not participate. I said good, you are well on your way to Mastery. It’s my responsibility to communicate the necessity of autonomous power. I know the entire Matrix is a mass consciousness insanity, of mind controlled dependency. I have to teach Nonaligned, free conduct, if this planet is going to be liberated.

Practice being a Donkey’s Ass for this New Moon. Show your Stubborn side, which is part of the Royalty in the Seasonal Sign of Leo. Act at the end of Time with the coming Saturn Pluto exact conjunction with determined Free Will. Ask others to commit to being Authentic, to take off the personality mask of being Nice to be Liked, and look in the mirror to your Inner tiger. Now, and only now, is the time.

Lalita Karoli
Meditation on Dissolution, Lunar Eclipse July 16, 2019

Trust that the collective past is being dissolved, as we are made of the absolute, infinite Being, the Great Cosmic Mother. Her codes include allowing the most terrifying abyss to surface and face it, meditate on it, die a thousand deaths to it, experience sheer terror, and absolve it forever. This is Chandi, the Moon Goddess, she cuts off her own head to stand upon both her Beloved Lord Shiva and Her Demon self the Asura. It is in her own annhilation that she is victorious. This is happening for many now… and it is raising red flags, we love ourselves and our friends… who seem to be entering contracts with their own destruction. We must allow this initiation of the Saturn Pluto Moon conjunction on the South Node In Feminine Earth sign Capricorn to bring a LONG TERM CHANGE. It may bring up our deepest fears, wounds and the shadow self as we witness what seems our sister or brother’s certain doom. Here we act as Sacred Witness to hold space for the death and regeneration of collective past. Some of us will go through a fire willingly to dissolve the membranes of what we find most dreadful. It could be you hold the archetype for Persephone, asteroid #399 at your Vertex, and you MUST be abducted into the Underworld in order to come into your mission. Perhaps you are experiencing this physically; your teeth are falling out, your gums are bleeding, the bones in your femurs ache as if from radiation as in the complete devastation of Lyra, Vega… the fixed Star where the South Node of our Collective past is transiting. You survived that annhilation, why, Because you are ETERNAL.

Over the next several months Saturn and Pluto will continue to meet the responsible Capricorn Moon. It may seem hopeless as Walmart employees are now being asked to shop for clients too “busy” to make selections themselves. The Walmart staff of shoppers begin their day at 4 A.M. shopping for those of us who feel inconvenienced or entitled to have someone buy the food and birthday presents for the family. We as Americans may feel dependent upon these shopping apps on our smartphones, and if something goes wrong with our order, we may feel to traumatize the Walmart worker by screaming obscenities, because that young man surely caused the inconvenience… he surely designed the Walmart Shopper App himself… and updates it regularly in his other profession as a software designer. I am being sarcastic for sure. Please, the level of wound, shadow and re-traumatizing anyone within our reach is at an all time high. Saturn is the God of Agriculture, and wondering why we did not grow the food ourselves… what you sow is what you reap, the Man with a Sickle in hand says wisely. What we can do is keep meditating on the allowance of the meaningless existence humans have entered into and say yes, “this is me, this is me too.” Then I do a meditation where I see my human form, I see my teeth drop out, my gums dissolve, my hair fall out, my face melts, my skin sloughs off, my internal organs turn to black rotting mush, my nervous system dries up and my shining white bones dissolve into dust. Meditation is the Cremation Grounds. The disassembling of all of me into the abyss the black nothingness. I then am the fabric of space, all the stars are my hair… I am home again in Great cosmic Mother. I float in Her song of the spheres. I am her music. I begin to reassemble myself swirling like a fractal paisley pattern, pulling energy for stars and planets and I re_create myself in human form, each crystalline bone, the nervous system, connecting to the spinal column… I put the skull of my head back on top and arrange my organs, muscles and skin. I open bright eyes, and shining teeth, healthy gums and glorious hair. I am that I am, I am all that I am. And with new eyes I view the experience of each person that I am. I do not fear for us all anymore. I allow. I am in allowance of the full experience in what ever path takes us. Alpha Lyra the bright Sapphire Star in the handle of the Lyre shines down with me. She says, yes my child. You are Indestructible. I cry because I know it’s true. I am. We Are… indestructible.

I invite you to meditate on this dissolution whenever the chaos, hopelessness, or fog seems quite thick. You can also go back to the blog that I wrote about the Capricorn moon, it will pass through the Saturn Pluto keyhole every 29 days. The North Node in feminine water, Cancer is asking us for the Love, that allows the healing of our Mother Wounds… with Venus there, she says, hold your Mother Closer and let us warmly embrace all Mother’s Children throughout time and space. (I happen to know the young Man who is a shopping assistant at Walmart and He is a Galactic Jedi here to hold space for us.)

Asteroid Lillith and Asteroid Athena are square both Nodes… and you can tune into my video about this eclipse to feel into the Amazonian Horse Back Riding Matriarchal Tribal Women… on the Lalita karoli YouTube channel.

Lalita Karoli
Solar Eclipse. Fixed Star Alhena the Muse. 10' Cancer

The New Moon in Cancer, on July 2, 2019, will conjunct the fixed star Alhena, The shining One. The Left foot of the Twin in the constellation of Gemini. This Star has the nature of Venus and Mercury. It gives an eminence in Art with a spiritual orientation. There is an interest in the Higher Sciences and the Metaphysical realm. There are written and spoken abilities to negotiate peaceful solutions. The fixed star Alhena, is prominent in the charts of people who inspire others, like a Muse. Alhena rules one inch to the right of the breastbone. Check your chart to see where 10’ Cancer falls. Is it your Midheaven, your Vertex, the degree of your Moon… possibly your Ascendant, the most Vital point in the chart? If so, this New Moon, solar eclipse will offer a special opportunity to embrace your inner Muse.

The signs are seasonal depictions and many fixed stars and constellations overlap and add depth to the astro logos of the sign. We know that the Cancer constellation is a delicate crab, that has a lot of emotional sensitivity. This New Moon brings in the element of the Twins, who are curious, and float lightly through life like butterflies… inspiring others. The combination of Alhena and the Cancer crab, asks that psychological safety be put aside. Cancer often only operates from flattery, and all other questioning tactics of a Muse, would cause the crab to hide in its shell and scurry away in to a hole. Alhena is the bright Shining One, in the Cancerian safety, helping people to feel their Soul essence, (square to a stationing Chiron of July 8….) through the shadow of the wound. The Muse says, “dance with your wound, Hold her in a welcoming way.” Chiron the archetypal wound in Aries is the dance with the shadow of “insignificance, invisibility, outcast and alone, worthlessness, pathetic, inability to have a voice, the ultimate vulnerability” of needing to hide in the Cancerian Cave. The Muse lightly dances with these layers of depth and embodiment. she says, “The Wound IS the way.”

At the same time Saturn has retrograde back to the South node of our collective past…. asking us to develop our Sovereignty, our boundaries in a new way, opposition to the Cancer North Node Destiny. Cancer can no longer operate as a doormat. She cannot hide in the shadow of “giving to get.” Self sacrifice no longer works for our collective destiny in Cancer. Pluto is also there destroying the false sense of martyrdom and illusion of selfless service. “Always giving out, and not allowing ourselves to receive in equal measure, is a trauma response. It’s often disguised as ‘being nice’, or even worse, being ‘spiritual or virtuous,’ but, it’s neither. It’s a wound.” -Jerome Braggs Or as Anaiis Nin said in her Diary Volume 4. “I was always ashamed to take. So I Gave. It was not a virtue. It was a disguise.”

We can no longer sign off on the karmic debts occurred by responding only to flattery and being nice in any situation. There is some serious Tough Love in the Muse, and often she likes to sing of the Tragedy. She wants to point out all the darkness, and dance with the shadow of insignificance. She can name the wound with clarity, and she opens the door, for the outcast, where the soul dives in and says “YES! this IS what I wanted, the alchemical union of my divine nature with the mud and muck of existence. I am inspired.”

Oh Alhena, Gamma Geminorium, brilliant white star in the left foot of the Twin, Pollux, the eminence in art, but also the hurt, wounded and the afflicted, that Achilles heel. With my Sister, We hold up the duality templates of Good and Evil in the Orion Hourglass. We have knowledge of trouble, disgrace, sickness, loss of fortune, and affliction. And we also know the ability to negotiate peaceful solutions, and inspire creativity. Hail the Shining One Who receives the eclipse of our Sun and Moon and imprints the New Reality for Cancerian Softness, with Sovereignty in tact.

Artwork by my daughter Kachine Sun, Her Midheaven and Moon in Cancer are Conjunct Fixed Star Alhena

Lalita Karoli
June 10, 2019 Geometric T Square to Neptune asks us to Trust Love while remaining Vigilant

A necessary planetary alignment on June 10, 2019 will show the discrepancy between our belief in illusions and the reality of promises by “way showers” who offer such things as “cranial incisions”, and pretend to be the channel of the Galactic Central Sun. Others offer a “complete flip of your torsion field” from the “arcturian high council.” Others guarantee that the gold is coming from Chinese elders, and that soon $100,000 will be deposited into everyone’s bank account. Another, creates a mirage of the “beauty” of alien abductions, to create a race of hybrid alien humans. She will do a session with you for a few hundred dollars to let you know about all your hybrid children. And yet, are we not also cording ourselves to the increasing evidence that thousands of woman are being abducted for the harvest of eggs by the grey- reptilian collective. I was alerted to a “way shower” from the mid west who pretends to channel many collectives. She was advising how beautiful the new race of hybrid children are. Immediately, I knew she was an imposter, but absolutely lovely and convincing… a regular “soccer Mom” giving you the “good news.” Perhaps you have had a session with one of the types mentioned above. It’s part of the great Neptune deception, and an opportunity for you to sever all cords with the Simulation. Neptune, which can create massive deception is conjunct some of these folks natal Sun or Moon in Pisces, and they may in fact be psytronically controlled. It was recently revealed by Groovie Bean and Gaia producer Jay Weidner that Corey Goode and David Wilcox were a complete hoax, yet millions of people have been to their events and believe the show Cosmic Disclosure, like it is a religion. Both Corey and David have their Natal Suns in Pisces…. and while they were making this show, Neptune was transiting their natal luminary. Does this make it acceptable? No, definately not. It’s up to you to clear the slate, declare your sovereignty and move on. Many of these folks may be clones or reptilians in disguise, and their job is to deceive and decimate. Your job is to figure it out and stop believing in messiahs of hybrid children who may be binding you into agreements to have your eggs or fetuses harvested. It’s gross, I know, but this is how Humans have been manipulated as a slave race for thousands of years. See my previous post about Magdalene. Yahweh and Jehovah were interdimensionals pretending to be Gods… casting all kinds of miseries on Humankind while pretending to be saviors. Geez, we have been agreeing to this B>S. for years. To awaken, is not to be “awake” to aliens in our mist, it’s to be awake that the people telling you about the aliens are quite possibly psychopaths themselves who hijacked the whole ascension process. Anyone who then questions this, becomes labeled as “part of the dark alliance.” And still, we must LOVE, because the tricksters know, this level of revealing will cause us to not trust anyone. Beautiful Humanity, our compassionate and trusting hearts is exactly what the predators use us for. Turn it around and Love deeply, but don’t be fooled. It’s a great Revelation to see through all the layers of the Matrix.

Neptune will receive the t-square from Jupiter in Sagittarius, 18’ (Justice and Truth) and the Sun in Gemini (a degree in the Orion belt near Rigel and Bellatrix) at 19’. Neptune in Pisces(vast illusions) at 18” will be opposed by the Moon in Virgo.(get the details straight). If you can imagine a huge Arrow will be made across the heavens to reveal the deceptions of Neptunian addictions to “messiahs’” who are may be knowingly or deceived themselves to harvest the light of many beautiful Souls. Here is my suggestion, “I Command and Decree, any cord I have knowingly or unknowingly made by watching the videos of, having a session with, or being tagged with implants that target me further for abduction, having my energy siphoned off, or entangling my absolute Sovereignty are hereby declared Null and Void. Any thought forms or actions; either conscious or unconsciously made in participation with the tricksters can not affect my friends, family or clients. I am the Full Light of awareness, and my Infinite Self will be the Vigilant sword of Justice and Truth. I am a warrior Love, and will no longer be deceived. So it is.”

Lalita Karoli
Magdalene New Moon. I will NOT be a well behaved WOMAN! June 3, 2019

June 3, 2019 at 6:02 A.M. Asteroid 318 Magadalene will be exactly conjunct the Sun and Moon in Gemini. I will not, and I repeat, WILL NOT, be a well behaved woman! Man has lost most from the Patriarchy…. he had his outer power of institutions and the property laws of marriage, debt, quit claim deeds, title to houses, and pensions. The male interdimensionals like Yaweh and Jehovah pretending to be God, and writing patriarchal stories of enslavement and sin… wandering at the price of knowledge from Eve. But, what Man lost was his INNER POWER, which is eternal and feminine, like the rich deep and magnetic fabric of space. The patriarchy tricked Man into being a soul crusher… telling woman and his Daughter to get married because it will be better for taxes… you will be able to get health care. ALL LIES! LIES. And I have had it. I declare this hoax over!

I am both Mother and FREE LOVER. I am a Magadalene. Magdala, Amygdala. The secretion of the oil of the Krist or Christos in the skull, called Gulgotha. When activated, by the full Kundalini coil being released by the female orgasm, ignites our real spiritual light. This halo of light produces the Garment of Light, which is the gift the Isis Priestess Mary Magdalene secured, for which, she was given the title, “Illuminatrix.”

In the text of the Bible it is said Mary was possessed by 7 demons, well, clearly all 7 chakras were lit up and her body would convulse with the Kundalini uncoiled, and the appearance of this vibration would occur until she was fully illumined. Mary had accessed her inner Water of Life, that comes from the female orgasm when the orgone etherically rises up the spinal column to activate the third eye. “She drank avidly from the love light which afterward she poured out in abundance.” The Bible also says Mary Magdalene “funded” the travels of Jesus. This mystifies Biblical scholars since woman of the time could not own property or have money. What Jacobus is describing is a wondrous oil in the sacral part of the spine… which lubricates the Kundalini coil and releases it to the Pineal gland. This oil purifies the feminine body and gives a beautiful opalescent color of the SHINING ONES. The human Pineal gland is covered by geometric crystalline structures of calcite microclusters. This “brain sand” creates an antenna that is sensitive to electromagnetic stimulation. Woman as the Illuminatrix, is then able to organize the Nadis of the Earth. She is a walking Tachyon chamber… sending out the Scared Union Codes, of Divine Life. Through Woman, and her free and sacred sexuality…. this Planet is liberated.

So Woman, throw off your shackles. Know who you are, the embodiment of The Great Cosmic Mother. Throw out all the old, the Essene relationship doctrines, the patriarchal religious texts, the illusion of safety in the confines of marriage property. Invoke and make real your inner Magdalene, Amygdala, the almond shaped gland just below the third eye, that is activated by your emotional states. If you choose freedom and ecstasy, the gland will emit the Waters of Life to the Third eye. The Garment of Light is your birth right. Do not choose the confines of property, pensions, and citizenship to bind you. Woman, there is no making it right when you live with a soul crusher. Cast him off and do not behave. Be undefined as Mary Magdalene. Here are some excerpts from my new favorite youTube video by Janne Robinson. “Celebrate being Madly Alive… Divorce the things that kill the Spirit,.. I Have My Own Approval.” search the video titled “I Will Never Be A Well Behaved Woman.”

Man will thank you for it, and if he does not; He is a deceiver, a trickster and possibly a soul crusher incarnate… and we don’t improve by bonding to an abuser. That is called the Stockholm Syndrome. Rise woman Rise. A real Man, will celebrate… every moment of your Female Power!

Lalita Karoli
Full Moon In Scorpio May 18. Asteroid Pandora #55 conjunct Uranus. Take the Red Pill

Scorpio is the deep dive down the rabbit hole. How aware of the dark, occult, intense, and sensual are you willing to be, to then take flight as a Phoenix? This full moon opens the Pleiadian Stargate with the Sun at 27’ degrees Taurus, the Seven Sisters are shining their light through our Sun Solaris. @29’ Taurus through 3” Gemini… we receive the light of Consciousness from the Galactic Mothers of our Sensual bodies, Divine Minds, and compassionate hearts. Dreaming ourselves awake, we must have the full knowledge of the light and the deepest dark abyss. This is the energy of this Full Moon. Are you available for full embodiment? Let’s look at some subjects we will be discussing in our Community Chat during this Full Moon. “Are we living in a simulated Reality? Are we an Ancient race of advanced beings who set up this simulation? Is the Matrix inside of this simulation, held by another group we are “gaming with?” Are the Archons a virus in this simulation? Do the planets hold the templates for the simulation? Is your personal natal chart the “eye of the needle to the kingdom of Heaven?” Where is the simulation held and when will it end? Should we be passive and quietly watch, or are we to be Active and passionate in the Game?”

Perhaps you will share your thoughts below in comments, or watch for our videos found on Lalita Karoli Youtube.

Pandora, asteroid #55 will be conjunct Uranus the planet of Revolution during this Full Moon. Venus is within One degree of this conjunction adding the sensual love of our Earthly embodiment. Is the Sacred Body, a way through this simulation? Pandora has risen in the consciousness of the Sisterhood of the Rose.

“The Goddess Pandora and the Golden Age”

“The story of the Goddess Pandora is the story of Human kind. The myth is actually reflection of the true history of the occult war between Darkness and Light. Pandora, the embodiment of the female principle, according to the Greek mythology, was the woman who, unleashed both Hell and Hope upon Humanity by opening a jar containing all manner of misery and evil. Opening that jar is actually a very good representation /equivalence of taking the red pill…” Mea Maa - Sisterhood of the Rose

We also see that the malevolent forces have fabulous astrologers, for unleashing that misery, as Mars entered the planetary condition of “fall” in Cancer on May 15, 2019. Cancer being the feminine nurturing principle, Mars feels the tragedy of it’s nature there, and thus in the political world there were apparently announcements by male lawmakers about Woman’s rights to reproductive choice. We will discuss several examples, in our G.S.A. community chat, of how the Archonic force uses the templates of astrology to mind control, divide and upset humanity…. often pinning Men against Women.

Please choose to take the red pill this Full Moon. Dive deep, and then fly high, choose the conversation, do the work and visualize for the Golden Age of Gaia.

If you want to study astrology and dive deep into your own Natal Chart Agreement, please access 30 videos through this website, in the membership page.

Lalita Karoli