Juno the Sacred Marriage Bed enters Gemini, "We can Talk About IT."

The asteroid Juno, derived from the word Yoni, has entered Curious, intelligent expression of Gemini. 0’- 3’ Gemini is the Fixed Star Alcyone of the Pleiadies, She is Our Galactic Librarian, and Home to many Starseed incarnate on Earth right now. Juno represents the balancing of our own Inner Divine Feminine and Masculine, and as it traveled through Sensual and stable, Feminine Earth sign Taurus, sextile to Chiron the story of the Wound, at 29” Pisces, we all received ample time to real eyes just how deep the wound of imbalance has been… raw and painful… but by sextile, is healing with grace. We still have the Masculine Planets in their own signs, Mars in Aries at the last degree with Uranus is the engine of Revolution. Jupiter in Sagittarius bringing deliberate Justice. Saturn in Capricorn, of the Patriarchal structures in an applying conjunction to Pluto, destroy and Rebirth. The astrology is all there and we as Terrestrials bring the Celestials songs into form. So set your intention today, to intelligently discuss, the Sacred Marriage of your own Feminine and Masculine balance… and the miracle of the Yoni, as the Master Programmer. Earth is only as Beautiful as every Mother’s Womb, and Father’s Noble Love.

credit to Holly Peckham, member of our Galactic Shaman Astrologers group for watching the transit of Juno.

Lalita Karoli