Divine embodiment, Warts and All. Chiron enters Aries as Venus Conjoins Saturn

Ahhh, the archetypal Wound place. It’s important to know the story, in order to fully hold the crack where the light comes in. Chiron’s Mother was a beautiful Sea Nymph. Like all her sister’s she was happy and serene in her watery paradise. The dolphins played, the turtles were gently carried by the waves, and the light from an Aquamarine sun, created the crystalline sparkling in the waters of consciousness. Then, Saturn came to Earth and desired the beautiful Sea Nymph. He changed himself to a stallion and raped her. Now hold on, you have heard this trauma for ages…. but please continue. Saturn left, and the Sea Nymph grew pregnant with a creature with hooves. She could feel him inside and she was scared.

When Chiron was born, he was part horse, part sea nymph and with the upright torso of a Man; He was a centaur. His Mother rejected and abandoned him. She cast the babe out. Chiron hobbled to a nearby cave on Mt. Peleion, where he raised himself in the deep recesses of loneliness. He meditated. He learned from the snakes in the cave, both telepathy and vision. He learned the plants as medicine. He studied the stars, and knew the night sky. Eventually he emerged from the cave, and shy as he was greeted the world and developed his skills as an archer. Hitting the mark, with Truth and Self Realization.

Chiron was last in Aries on November 1, 1977 when it was discovered in the night sky of Halloween. Chiron is known to be the planet of the Shaman, once She /He has healed the wounds of rape, rejection, abandonment and loneliness. Full integration of the Wound allows us to alchemize the trauma into our most potent gift. Shaman’s often have wounds that do not heal, but serve others with compassion and a deep listening heart.

Chiron will re-enter Aries February 18, 2019 as Saturn is exactly conjunct Venus… representing that original wound of the Old Man Saturn and the young girl Venus (the sea Nymph). This is a remarkable Celestial occurance. It is certainly my personal wound. And as a collective, the Old Man is deeply ashamed at this point… applying conjunction to Pluto(the God of the Underworld). Saturn was put in the underworld of Tartarus, by Jupiter, law and justice… at the decree of Mother Gaia. Saturn approaching Pluto once more at the South Node of our Collective his/herstory, with Venus the little girl, transiting, is absolutely remarkable how exact the planets are showing us the original Wound. Feel into this archetypal story. We all have wounds. As we make them conscious, we can choose to not go down that road again. The next Day February 19, the Full Moon is at 0’ Pisces and ‘0 degrees Virgo, for fresh, new, full light of awareness. Our Divine Embodiment includes all the warts… the blemishes, the frayed strands of stories. To know them, is to actively seek the full Birthright of Aries: I Am, and I have the RIGHT To Be Here. Chiron will be in Aries for 8 years, activating a Chiron return for everyone born 1968- 1977. We can all benefit from knowing our personal wounds, as Aries is subjective (it’s all about me) and then choosing to incorporate the pain rather than live life continually avoiding it. Plan on a full participation in your own wound , acknowledging it and incorporating it through Spring of 2027. Make it the gift, and come out of the Cave

Lalita Karoli