Full Moon ๐ŸŒ• Virgo, The Sacred Work. A call to Priestess and Priests.

The Full Moon at 0โ€™ Virgo will make an opposition to the Sun in Pisces 0โ€™ the Morning Of February 19, 2019. The Moon in Virgo is an absolute dedication to the Sacred Work to maintain balance in all life. The Moon will make an opposition to the Sun , then Vesta, Mercury, and Neptune all in Pisces. In ancient times the first prayers were offered to Hestia (Greek) or Vesta (Roman) at the right time so that the heart of the Goddess would shine brightly ensuring that their culture would not fall apart. The Virgo Moon invokes the Sacred space, and a ceremonial attitude toward everything. This Moon is a call to all Priests and Priestessโ€™ to participate in the reverent co-creation of life. The lineage includes, Druids, And the Wisdom Keeperโ€™s of the Earth. The Virgo Full Moon is a call to service, to weave and spin the web of life, so the pattern can be restored to harmony. It is the knowledge of the Earth and Sky, the cycles and seasons and mystery of our consciousness honoring the rhythmic currents that affect the manifest world.

This Full Moon is a special opportunity to engage in magic, invoke Sacred space, honoring the Goddess Vesta as a Priestess or Priest. This Full Moon is especially potent because Chiron will have just entered Aries. (Check the previous blog on the Chiron passage). The Moon will appear conjunct the Royal Star Regulus. Here is a short invocation that I will be doing while sitting in the Sacred Hotsprings with my Daughtersโ€ฆ. Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth, shine down your blessings to Humanity. I honor you as the Ancient inner heart Of Tiamat. Moon, Goddess of the Night, shine down into the Sacred pool, reflecting all Star Light. We thank you and Honor you on this Full Moon Night.

Because The Moon is Full in the early hours of the 19th. We are doing this ceremony on the evening of the 18th. We will also invite the Chiron mythical journey from abandonment to full Embodiment.

Blessings Magi. For only when the Terrestrial beings call down the Celestial possibilities, can the outcomes be of Service to all.

Lalita Karoli