Jupiter and the Moon cross the Galactic Center, the Cosmic Vagina

Jupiter, God of Justice and the Moon, which represents all Women, Wombs and the Mother, will conjunct our Galactic Center on February 27, 2019. I will spare you of the details, for what this means… you decide. Justice, Women… Galactic Center. You can see it in World Events. May all be Blessed by this passage.

At the same time mercury reaches its elongation from the Sun. Look for Mercury on the Western Horizon, 40 minutes after sunset in the Constellation of Pisces. Mercury will Sextile Venus in Capricorn this day for a graceful transition to it’s retrograde period, in which it will backtrack from 29’degrees Pisces, for a review with Neptune and Vesta (keepers of the Mystic Heart of the Goddess), in the sign of Cosmic Consciousness and increased empathy in our Oneness.

Uranus will change signs to Feminine. Sensual and Stable Taurus On March 6… just after Mercury stations retrograde in a Feminine Water sign. Meanwhile… Saturn and Pluto are grounding us in Feminine Earth.

Our Sun is streaming a coronal hole wind in our direction for the amplification of all of these incredible energies. Rest, drink, plenty of water, go out and see the stars and planets. Relate in all ways to our Celestial Family. Our Sun is changing us and we are the Boots on the Ground who choose to transform.

Lalita Karoli