Quantum Astrology. Your conscious choice, to participate in Saturn and Pluto conjunctions with the Moon

March 1, 2019 Saturn and Pluto on the South Node of our collective past will “enclose” a Capricorn Moon and will continue to do so approximately every 29 days for the next several Months through January of 2020. This is our chance to be Quantum and celebrate our ability to co-create with the energies that present. Watch the degree of the Moon between 17’ and 25’ degrees Capricorn. What planet or points do you have there. that this Conjunction will affect?

Saturn and Pluto are archetypal HEAVY WEIGHT planets of LONG TERM CHANGE. They move relatively slowly, whereas the moon returns regularly to check in with how the Transformation of our Past is going. “Change is inevitable, but, Transformation is a conscious choice.” - Heather Ash Amara.

The way we assist the planets, is to change intentionally. Astrology is not predictive. It is interactive. If we act on the opportunity presented, by planetary alignments…. THIS IS WHERE MAGIC HAPPENS. We are Quantum Beings. The Moon in Capricorn is about creating new structures that support individuals in taking personal responsibility for their life. happiness and evolution. Let us use this day each month, when the Moon comes into Capricorn… aspecting Pluto and Saturn, as a day to direct wisdom, in co-creation with the planets to transform ourselves by bringing Spirit into Matter for the Benefit of the Whole.

Capricorn is a sign that incorporates the stars of Lyra, Vega, Dheneb Eagle Star, of the Aguila Constellation, Terrebellum Star in the rump of Sagittarius the Archer Constellation and of course Capricornus , The Mountain Goat. As Such…” Capricorn is aware of the entire structural reality in Form< and in Law, from the Godhead, to the Densest entrapment in Matter. It’s like Sacred Geometry. P. 94 (The Shamanic Astrology Handbook) So this is a time to visualize Sacred Geometry and Incant the following decree.

Capricorn Moon Invocation; “I bring Honor to my Community, My Family, and my Self, as a wise Steward of Gaia’s Transformation. I care deeply about our Natural Resources and a Golden Age that supports the next generations in Cosmic Consciousness. I Affirm and Decree, the Masculine and Feminine are balanced, whole and Sacred. Our Children are of primary focus, in a healthy culture, and are given absolute sovereignty to develop with expanding Vision and Pure Creativity. With my Consciousness and Whole Heart, it is my intent to be responsible for the Change I wish To See. And so it is.”

Lalita Karoli