Asteroid Atlantis 1198 is currently traveling with Saturn over Stars of Lyra/Vega

Folks born in 1960 are experiencing this as a Saturn return. When I spoke to a dear friend about Her Saturn return bringing the feelings of a Wanderer from Lyra and the changes that occurred during Atlantean times, She wept. I asked, what are you feeling? She said she didn’t exactly have words for it, but she could feel it. Others are also telling me they are feeling the Atlantean timeline… experiencing it in dreams, feeling the nervous anxiety in daily life. Saturn, Asteroid Atlantis, and planetoid Chariclo which helps us to shape shift to best serve love, are all applying a conjunction to Pluto for “long lasting change” from the planet of destruction and rebirth. Uranus is making for some extreme anxiety right now, in it’s conjunction with Mars. When Uranus moves into Taurus on March 5th we can expect 7 years of vast Earth changes. Much of the Atlantean feeling is here, with the technologies of 5g, HAARP, geo-engineering and modified DNA from vaccines. A complete wash of these technologies will be necessary to experience a Harmonious Life supporting Earth. This is the time to feel it and allow the apocalyptic timelines to collapse by consciously acknowledging, and then release.

Lalita Karoli