Full Moon at the Super Galactic Center. Devoured by Ecstasy

March 20, 2019 we will have a rare event of the Full Moon at 0’ Libra, at the Super Massive Black hole that holds our Galaxy and at least 30 other Galaxies together. Meanwhile, The Sun at 0’ Aries will conjunct Chiron. This massive BLack Hole that “devours everything in sight,” is the ultimate Karmic Slate cleaner, like a giant magnet that is a central Healing Force, with Universal Results. With the recent (March 13, 2019) Mars in an Applying Trine to the Saturn Pluto conjunction on the South Node…we are all in the raw and vulnerable stages of digging up the collective wound.

Libra at 0’ is the quest for the “Perfect Relationship” as if it were the Holy Grail. Libra views relationship as the Path To God. Sun and Chiron join together in opposition to the Giant Vacuum Cleaner of the Super Galactic Center to transmute the archives of the trauma in intimacy, the right to even exist, the safety of being an emotionally compassionate Human, and the tear in our Aura’s from the ultimate perceived Wound of separation from source itSelf. The scars are healed by the inexhaustible resource - the eternal Spark of the Soul.

As sexual intensity is aroused by the fires of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, passions are high…yet how do we drench ourselves in the Eternal. A soul mate is sought, a kindred spirit in Form. “Who can fulfill me?” the self calls out loud. There must be some One who can enter the empty Nothingness, and be devoured by the ecstasy of Union. But, can I really be loved, is there such a love?

“No more potent point of healing exists than that of the Super Galactic Center. It discriminates against no one and blesses those in contact with it by giving them a quick joyride into the wonderful realm of their most potent nature.” -Philip Sedgwick

Happy Full Moon… look at your natal chart to determine what house and by what aspect this incredible Devouring will occur.

Lalita Karoli