Boundless, Divine Love. Venus Enters Pisces

On March 27, 2019, Venus as Aphrodite, the Sea Nymph and Muse who senses the hidden talents in her Partner, and loves them out into the Open… will enter the fathomless depths of Pisces untii April 20, 2019. Venus is in Her exaltation in Pisces giving us an opportunity for ALL EMBRACING LOVE… devotion, tender, affectionate, sensitive, mysterious and unifying. As an astrologer, I know this is my 6th house of Health Healing and service… it is also the location of my North Node Destiny… and on April 9, 2019… while I am swimming in the seductive pacific Oceans of Kauai with my love, Venus will connect with my Nodal Destiny. This is the beauty of studying astrology… I can plan a vacation when Neptune, Mercury and soon Venus are connecting with my North Node. It’s how magic happens, with timing and intention… I am immersed in the Mystical seas, for lovers, for dreamers and Me. Venus is the ruler of my Libran ascendant, so where she flows, I go.

Mercury will also station direct on March 27, in Pisces making travel pleasant, with forward motion we can expect the mind to flood with fantasy, heart intelligence and a telepathic disposition.

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Lalita Karoli