Neptune in Pisces conjunct a New Moon. Not Knowing.

Neptune in Pisces is giving us permission to acknowledge that we know Nothing. This is when we empty our collective Cup, and admit it. I will give you a recent example from a client who had Neptune cross her Natal Pisces Moon. She was trained in the “Power Of Positivity” by a leading “authority.” She did all the correct affirmations, visualizations, meditations, mantras and was even a dairy free “vegan.” and yet her Beloved Partner died. He passed away despite Hard rock testimony that “raising your Vibration” was the cure for all afflictions. The Woman was shocked and had a complete identity crisis when she realized that nothing she believed was true. Then later, some other expert added to the shame, saying the Beloved who passed had not processed his rage. Wow. Just pause for a moment with me here.

Neptune is happy to provide increasing illusions that come crashing down, to confuse and cause a planetary identity crisis. Neptune is like a drug, it gives fabulous coverage for facing any reality… until of course, it doesn’t, and the Tidal wave crashes. This is a time to keep emptying. Let go of Beliefs. Certainly, don’t believe me. You are your own best astrologer, and my thoughts are just a drop in the bucket in a vast sea of interpretation. Check our 30 videos on this page to learn to read your own chart, every day for the rest of your life.

Mercury Stations Retrograde at 29’ Pisces for a complete review of the Piscean dream. Mercury will reflect back on Neptune, the Sun, Moon and Vesta, the Mystic Heart of the Goddess, saying where can I empty more to be in Service to the One. See what house, in your Natal Chart, Pisces occupies to realize how, and where you can best empty to be of service during the Mercury review. Mercury is truly dreamy in Pisces and if you cannot remember whether you paid the taxes or not, just obeserve the Dream, within the Dream… we are all playing here.

With Saturn and Pluto converging, on the South Node of our Collective Past, you may also have days of exhaustion. Solar Minimum, and the lead weight of shedding the skins of 6,000 years of Iron Age. It’s heavy, and I suggest folks gather in small support groups, like we have here on Galactic Shaman Astrologers.

The “good” news is The Pisces New Moon represents the Compassionate, Cosmically Connected, Heart Healing Mystic. The Sabian Symbol for 16’ Pisces is “ In the Quiet of Her study, a creative individual experiences a flow of inspiration.” Key: a reliance on One’s INNER SOURCE.

Here is an Incantation for the Pisces New Moon. Playing in the Dream, I am the embodiment of empathy, compassion, and a true container for the authentic Human experience which is both vast and ecstatic, and heavy with illusion. I am a visionary and a dreamer of the the Great Cosmic Void experiencing itself. I empty myself again and again looking to my Inner Source, to be filled with service to the Whole.

Soul Code by Nalinee Diosara

Lalita Karoli