The Limits of Power. Saturn and Pluto Station for Regeneration

Saturn the Measured Time Keeper, also known as Cronos, the Grim Reaper will meet Pluto, the powerful Shaman in the Sky in an applying conjunction. Both will station, appearing to stand still, in the full Saturation of the lasting, extensive, transformation of solid structures that these two Black magicians make together. Expect experiences of departure that lead to deep reaching renewal, or even rebirth. The limits of Old Structures of Power have been met, as the planets of long term change, enclose the South node of our entire Collective past. Cultivate a willingness to steadily pass through crises and complete transmutation of any belief or structure that held our society together. Capricorn represents, the structures of society, the skeletal systems that have held frameworks together. This will include, all institutions, inserted beliefs and the artificial construct called the Matrix. Expect complete breakdown in financial, social, religious, political, education, cultural. scientific, militaristic, and even the poles of the Earth itself. What is now North, will be South… what is hot will be cold.

There may be a fear of losing control. The stronger the fear, the more Ruthless Pluto will become. Prepare to let go of everything. Any hardened and encrusted power structures will be released. Belief in anything may feel impossible… and to loose those beliefs may feel like death. Prepare for all long standing values to undergo massive change. If the limiting belief in these skeletal structures is clung to, often the result will be the actual nervous and skeletal system of the body breaking down. Evaluate, what belief scares you the most, to let go of, and then let it go consciously and compassionately. My best to you. This is straight out of the astrology book. I am not making it up folks. Pluto will station April 24 and then retrograde toward Saturn which will station on April 30, 2019. Then we will have a long retrograde review before these two super Task Masters meet again in an exact conjunction January 12, 2020.

Lalita Karoli