Esther Asteroid 622 conjunct the Sun on the April Full Moon

My beloved Mother’s name is Esther. I find it a special tribute to the rising of the Goddess that our Sun at 29’ degrees Aries is conjunct the Fertility Goddess. The reverence for life created anew. The Rabbit a symbol of fecundity often accompanies Esther. The Moon is at 29’ degrees Libra which happens to be my ascendant. It would seem my expression could be flowing, and yet there is still a trepidation for me, to express my Pagan heritage and love of Nature and the Goddess. Asteroid 3241 Yeshuhua which astrologers use for Jesus is conjunct Pluto on this Full Moon. For me Jesus, is an archetypal story of a martyr who rose after dying on a cross, and then rising again to save his believers. The Christ that I know is not male or female, but is a consciousness of the singularity of all Beings, the One. From the story I know of the archetypal Jesus that was presented during the age of Pisces, He was a man who also saw the singularity… and turned over the tables in the wealthy synagogues… and said something to the effect that money, idols and temples have nothing to do with the reverence of the One Father. I am sorry if I am not getting this right. Yeshuhua asteroid conjunct Pluto is a clear indication of destruction , death and regeneration. From a purely, astrological point of view, the Patriarchal views of establishing structures of wealth for worship are over. As one yogi said to a large audience of Christian raised Westerners,... I am the Only Christian in the room, because I have nothing, but I teach the One.

I have had few experiences with Priests or folks calling themselves ”Father,” they immediately vibrationally know who I am, and I certainly can “see” who they are. My partner Claude did elder care and hospice care for one Episcopal Minister we shall call Rev. B. from the St. James church. Claude was the only care provider allowed in the house, and it was exhausting for him. Claude found that Rev. B. had a secret room behind a closet wall that went to his private library, which was full of books about nazi horror. Rev. B. drank and smoked heavily and was addicted to watching war and horror movies. Claude, was in service and just helped him transition. It was not pretty and peaceful as you would think a minister should go. Why am I telling you all this…. because as you can see in my previous blog…. Saturn and Pluto will station on the South Node this week. Many of these details will be revealed to the public. As a seer and a shaman, I see a very different energetic signature of those places of “worship” and the Reverends who have put their energetic signature on babies at a baptism, weddings and funerals, I am saying it folks. The moon is conjunct my ascendant… and I have my tale to tell.

Back to Esther. Please enjoy and praise living Mother Nature. The North Node, of our Collective Destiny is in Cancer… the nurturing Divine Feminine. See the Oneness in the song of the bird. The flowers that come up through the snow. The running Brook. The sweet spring sunshine. The Mountain is my church. The trees are my temple. The Fertility of Gaia is the sacred worship I am intoxicated by. I am not preparing for a savior to be resurrected. I am the Way. I am the Life. And so it is.

Lalita Karoli