Saturn Stations on The South Node, with a Capricorn Moon Crossing: Personal Boundaries

Saturn is in it’s own sign of Capricorn and will station (appear to stand still in the sky) this week at 20 degrees. The Moon will cross Saturn today to bring the blending of the energies of personal responsibility with the discipline, boundaries, perseverance and the dependability of time tested structures. Your ability to say NO, is an absolute necessity for Saturn to accomplish it’s dependable nature. If clear boundaries are not set, Saturn will appear as false accusations, sorrow, grief and chronic misfortune.

The North Node is opposite to Saturn right now, giving the full light of awareness to Cancerian instincts, when in a shadow frequency are often seen as a perpetual doormat, always giving… giving and giving some more. The underworld aspect of Cancer is actually giving to get…. let this sink in. Am I always giving to actually get something underneath? Do I not value myself enough to set a responsible limit?

Oh yes, Saturn will challenge us, and in the false light of always being positive, or helpful, we find ourselves drowned in our own empathy. To get out of Duality, the binary system of always being “good” and avoiding “not nice” actions, we sow the seeds of folks moooching off our “goodness” and a karmic debt occurs. All energy exchange must be equal, or all my giving leads to my poverty and more lifetimes in the duality realms.

Pay attention to what Saturn is doing in your natal chart. Are you being challenged to

“lay down the law?" Well then, Do It!

Lalita Karoli