Full Moon In Scorpio May 18. Asteroid Pandora #55 conjunct Uranus. Take the Red Pill

Scorpio is the deep dive down the rabbit hole. How aware of the dark, occult, intense, and sensual are you willing to be, to then take flight as a Phoenix? This full moon opens the Pleiadian Stargate with the Sun at 27’ degrees Taurus, the Seven Sisters are shining their light through our Sun Solaris. @29’ Taurus through 3” Gemini… we receive the light of Consciousness from the Galactic Mothers of our Sensual bodies, Divine Minds, and compassionate hearts. Dreaming ourselves awake, we must have the full knowledge of the light and the deepest dark abyss. This is the energy of this Full Moon. Are you available for full embodiment? Let’s look at some subjects we will be discussing in our GalacticShamanAstrologers.net Community Chat during this Full Moon. “Are we living in a simulated Reality? Are we an Ancient race of advanced beings who set up this simulation? Is the Matrix inside of this simulation, held by another group we are “gaming with?” Are the Archons a virus in this simulation? Do the planets hold the templates for the simulation? Is your personal natal chart the “eye of the needle to the kingdom of Heaven?” Where is the simulation held and when will it end? Should we be passive and quietly watch, or are we to be Active and passionate in the Game?”

Perhaps you will share your thoughts below in comments, or watch for our videos found on Lalita Karoli Youtube.

Pandora, asteroid #55 will be conjunct Uranus the planet of Revolution during this Full Moon. Venus is within One degree of this conjunction adding the sensual love of our Earthly embodiment. Is the Sacred Body, a way through this simulation? Pandora has risen in the consciousness of the Sisterhood of the Rose.

“The Goddess Pandora and the Golden Age”

“The story of the Goddess Pandora is the story of Human kind. The myth is actually reflection of the true history of the occult war between Darkness and Light. Pandora, the embodiment of the female principle, according to the Greek mythology, was the woman who, unleashed both Hell and Hope upon Humanity by opening a jar containing all manner of misery and evil. Opening that jar is actually a very good representation /equivalence of taking the red pill…” Mea Maa - Sisterhood of the Rose


We also see that the malevolent forces have fabulous astrologers, for unleashing that misery, as Mars entered the planetary condition of “fall” in Cancer on May 15, 2019. Cancer being the feminine nurturing principle, Mars feels the tragedy of it’s nature there, and thus in the political world there were apparently announcements by male lawmakers about Woman’s rights to reproductive choice. We will discuss several examples, in our G.S.A. community chat, of how the Archonic force uses the templates of astrology to mind control, divide and upset humanity…. often pinning Men against Women.

Please choose to take the red pill this Full Moon. Dive deep, and then fly high, choose the conversation, do the work and visualize for the Golden Age of Gaia.

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Lalita Karoli