New Moon, May 4, conjunct Asteroid #5 Astraea. Is the Goddess of Justice returning for the Golden Age?

The Sun and Moon meet at 14 degrees Taurus on May 4th, 2019. The Star Goddess Astraea, asteroid #5, conjoins the planting of the seed in this Spring New Moon with potent Myth of how Humankind entered the dark ages. Astraea, Star Maiden is best known as the last immortal to live among the humans on Earth, before leaving in disgust of Humanity’s brutality. She is known as the Goddess of Justice in the Major Arcana, in the teachings of the Tarot. When she left Earth, for the heavens, she essentially took the “Golden Age of Man” with her. It is said, that once Humanity has realized it’s shadow, She would return, inferring that She would bring the Golden Age back with Her.

In Taurus, this blending of energies with the sensual, earthly love of embodiment, indicates that Astraea guides us to embrace fully our enjoyment and unconditional acceptance of the Vessel that our Bodies are. Taurus is solid, stable and even stubborn in it’s flesh desires. Does Astraea, give us the Galactic Perspective that, we begin again in the Garden of Delights, having complete knowledge of the wandering, and now, embracing our Divinity the experiment of duality is complete?

The other major aspect, we are watching at is the planets transiting the Planet Eris. Eris is the largest “dwarf” planet orbiting the Solar System and the 9th largest body orbiting our Sun. She is a larger celestial object than Pluto, and when she was first discovered in 2003 there was no clear cut definition of what a “planet” is. Eris had to be acknowledged, and all the planets therefore went through a new definition of Self. Thus in 2006, Eris was officially named for the Goddess of Discord…. which helps us to further define ourselves.

Eris was the daughter of Nyx (the Dark Night) alone. There was an important party and Eris was not invited, due to her inclination to cause Strife. As a means of revenge, Eris dropped a Golden Apple of Discord into the party, which had the words, “to the Fairest One” inscribed on it. Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite started arguing over the apple, jealousy, competition, and brutality occurred… so Zeus (God of Justice) appointed Paris, Prince of Troy, as the Person to solve the dispute. Paris chose Aphrodite…. embodiment of Venus. This week the Moon, Mercury, Vesta and soon Venus herself will conjunct Eris. Venus, will only meet Eris every couple of years, so this is an important blending of energies. The Venus Eris conjunction in Aries will be exactly square to Pluto at 23’ Capricorn… this will be a highly tense interaction to destroy and remake any feeling of not being invited to the Party, of not being fully acknowledged, of causing discord, jealousy, competition and lack of trust. Where have I not incorporated my own Inner Eris… such that I may continue to throw in the Golden Apple? We have much to heal in the sisterhood, and brotherhood; we have much to acknowledge in what has been the brutality of humanity. Venus, says, where can I add beauty, where there is strife?

In order to embody our Full Soul Essence, we must also first release any soul parts of others that we have clung to in order to fill our own emptiness and trauma during this wandering of the Dark Age. A shamanic ceremony of releasing anyone I was jealous of, spoke badly about to others, or agitated purposefully, because I was paranoid that somehow I would not be “invited.” If I was stealing soul parts… I can release any that I am aware of by creating a ceremony with grains of rice… for each one I say: “I am sorry, Please forgive me. I love you and thank you.” Then offer the rice to the river, the wind, soil or the fire and say “I release you.” Then I have space to fully embrace all of my own Soul Essence. Then I am Sovereign and ready to accept my Full Divinity, Ascension and return to the Golden Age.

And so it is.

Lalita Karoli