Magdalene New Moon. I will NOT be a well behaved WOMAN! June 3, 2019

June 3, 2019 at 6:02 A.M. Asteroid 318 Magadalene will be exactly conjunct the Sun and Moon in Gemini. I will not, and I repeat, WILL NOT, be a well behaved woman! Man has lost most from the Patriarchy…. he had his outer power of institutions and the property laws of marriage, debt, quit claim deeds, title to houses, and pensions. The male interdimensionals like Yaweh and Jehovah pretending to be God, and writing patriarchal stories of enslavement and sin… wandering at the price of knowledge from Eve. But, what Man lost was his INNER POWER, which is eternal and feminine, like the rich deep and magnetic fabric of space. The patriarchy tricked Man into being a soul crusher… telling woman and his Daughter to get married because it will be better for taxes… you will be able to get health care. ALL LIES! LIES. And I have had it. I declare this hoax over!

I am both Mother and FREE LOVER. I am a Magadalene. Magdala, Amygdala. The secretion of the oil of the Krist or Christos in the skull, called Gulgotha. When activated, by the full Kundalini coil being released by the female orgasm, ignites our real spiritual light. This halo of light produces the Garment of Light, which is the gift the Isis Priestess Mary Magdalene secured, for which, she was given the title, “Illuminatrix.”

In the text of the Bible it is said Mary was possessed by 7 demons, well, clearly all 7 chakras were lit up and her body would convulse with the Kundalini uncoiled, and the appearance of this vibration would occur until she was fully illumined. Mary had accessed her inner Water of Life, that comes from the female orgasm when the orgone etherically rises up the spinal column to activate the third eye. “She drank avidly from the love light which afterward she poured out in abundance.” The Bible also says Mary Magdalene “funded” the travels of Jesus. This mystifies Biblical scholars since woman of the time could not own property or have money. What Jacobus is describing is a wondrous oil in the sacral part of the spine… which lubricates the Kundalini coil and releases it to the Pineal gland. This oil purifies the feminine body and gives a beautiful opalescent color of the SHINING ONES. The human Pineal gland is covered by geometric crystalline structures of calcite microclusters. This “brain sand” creates an antenna that is sensitive to electromagnetic stimulation. Woman as the Illuminatrix, is then able to organize the Nadis of the Earth. She is a walking Tachyon chamber… sending out the Scared Union Codes, of Divine Life. Through Woman, and her free and sacred sexuality…. this Planet is liberated.

So Woman, throw off your shackles. Know who you are, the embodiment of The Great Cosmic Mother. Throw out all the old, the Essene relationship doctrines, the patriarchal religious texts, the illusion of safety in the confines of marriage property. Invoke and make real your inner Magdalene, Amygdala, the almond shaped gland just below the third eye, that is activated by your emotional states. If you choose freedom and ecstasy, the gland will emit the Waters of Life to the Third eye. The Garment of Light is your birth right. Do not choose the confines of property, pensions, and citizenship to bind you. Woman, there is no making it right when you live with a soul crusher. Cast him off and do not behave. Be undefined as Mary Magdalene. Here are some excerpts from my new favorite youTube video by Janne Robinson. “Celebrate being Madly Alive… Divorce the things that kill the Spirit,.. I Have My Own Approval.” search the video titled “I Will Never Be A Well Behaved Woman.”

Man will thank you for it, and if he does not; He is a deceiver, a trickster and possibly a soul crusher incarnate… and we don’t improve by bonding to an abuser. That is called the Stockholm Syndrome. Rise woman Rise. A real Man, will celebrate… every moment of your Female Power!

Lalita Karoli