Solar Eclipse. Fixed Star Alhena the Muse. 10' Cancer

The New Moon in Cancer, on July 2, 2019, will conjunct the fixed star Alhena, The shining One. The Left foot of the Twin in the constellation of Gemini. This Star has the nature of Venus and Mercury. It gives an eminence in Art with a spiritual orientation. There is an interest in the Higher Sciences and the Metaphysical realm. There are written and spoken abilities to negotiate peaceful solutions. The fixed star Alhena, is prominent in the charts of people who inspire others, like a Muse. Alhena rules one inch to the right of the breastbone. Check your chart to see where 10’ Cancer falls. Is it your Midheaven, your Vertex, the degree of your Moon… possibly your Ascendant, the most Vital point in the chart? If so, this New Moon, solar eclipse will offer a special opportunity to embrace your inner Muse.

The signs are seasonal depictions and many fixed stars and constellations overlap and add depth to the astro logos of the sign. We know that the Cancer constellation is a delicate crab, that has a lot of emotional sensitivity. This New Moon brings in the element of the Twins, who are curious, and float lightly through life like butterflies… inspiring others. The combination of Alhena and the Cancer crab, asks that psychological safety be put aside. Cancer often only operates from flattery, and all other questioning tactics of a Muse, would cause the crab to hide in its shell and scurry away in to a hole. Alhena is the bright Shining One, in the Cancerian safety, helping people to feel their Soul essence, (square to a stationing Chiron of July 8….) through the shadow of the wound. The Muse says, “dance with your wound, Hold her in a welcoming way.” Chiron the archetypal wound in Aries is the dance with the shadow of “insignificance, invisibility, outcast and alone, worthlessness, pathetic, inability to have a voice, the ultimate vulnerability” of needing to hide in the Cancerian Cave. The Muse lightly dances with these layers of depth and embodiment. she says, “The Wound IS the way.”

At the same time Saturn has retrograde back to the South node of our collective past…. asking us to develop our Sovereignty, our boundaries in a new way, opposition to the Cancer North Node Destiny. Cancer can no longer operate as a doormat. She cannot hide in the shadow of “giving to get.” Self sacrifice no longer works for our collective destiny in Cancer. Pluto is also there destroying the false sense of martyrdom and illusion of selfless service. “Always giving out, and not allowing ourselves to receive in equal measure, is a trauma response. It’s often disguised as ‘being nice’, or even worse, being ‘spiritual or virtuous,’ but, it’s neither. It’s a wound.” -Jerome Braggs Or as Anaiis Nin said in her Diary Volume 4. “I was always ashamed to take. So I Gave. It was not a virtue. It was a disguise.”

We can no longer sign off on the karmic debts occurred by responding only to flattery and being nice in any situation. There is some serious Tough Love in the Muse, and often she likes to sing of the Tragedy. She wants to point out all the darkness, and dance with the shadow of insignificance. She can name the wound with clarity, and she opens the door, for the outcast, where the soul dives in and says “YES! this IS what I wanted, the alchemical union of my divine nature with the mud and muck of existence. I am inspired.”

Oh Alhena, Gamma Geminorium, brilliant white star in the left foot of the Twin, Pollux, the eminence in art, but also the hurt, wounded and the afflicted, that Achilles heel. With my Sister, We hold up the duality templates of Good and Evil in the Orion Hourglass. We have knowledge of trouble, disgrace, sickness, loss of fortune, and affliction. And we also know the ability to negotiate peaceful solutions, and inspire creativity. Hail the Shining One Who receives the eclipse of our Sun and Moon and imprints the New Reality for Cancerian Softness, with Sovereignty in tact.

Artwork by my daughter Kachine Sun, Her Midheaven and Moon in Cancer are Conjunct Fixed Star Alhena

Lalita Karoli