June 10, 2019 Geometric T Square to Neptune asks us to Trust Love while remaining Vigilant

A necessary planetary alignment on June 10, 2019 will show the discrepancy between our belief in illusions and the reality of promises by “way showers” who offer such things as “cranial incisions”, and pretend to be the channel of the Galactic Central Sun. Others offer a “complete flip of your torsion field” from the “arcturian high council.” Others guarantee that the gold is coming from Chinese elders, and that soon $100,000 will be deposited into everyone’s bank account. Another, creates a mirage of the “beauty” of alien abductions, to create a race of hybrid alien humans. She will do a session with you for a few hundred dollars to let you know about all your hybrid children. And yet, are we not also cording ourselves to the increasing evidence that thousands of woman are being abducted for the harvest of eggs by the grey- reptilian collective. I was alerted to a “way shower” from the mid west who pretends to channel many collectives. She was advising how beautiful the new race of hybrid children are. Immediately, I knew she was an imposter, but absolutely lovely and convincing… a regular “soccer Mom” giving you the “good news.” Perhaps you have had a session with one of the types mentioned above. It’s part of the great Neptune deception, and an opportunity for you to sever all cords with the Simulation. Neptune, which can create massive deception is conjunct some of these folks natal Sun or Moon in Pisces, and they may in fact be psytronically controlled. It was recently revealed by Groovie Bean and Gaia producer Jay Weidner that Corey Goode and David Wilcox were a complete hoax, yet millions of people have been to their events and believe the show Cosmic Disclosure, like it is a religion. Both Corey and David have their Natal Suns in Pisces…. and while they were making this show, Neptune was transiting their natal luminary. Does this make it acceptable? No, definately not. It’s up to you to clear the slate, declare your sovereignty and move on. Many of these folks may be clones or reptilians in disguise, and their job is to deceive and decimate. Your job is to figure it out and stop believing in messiahs of hybrid children who may be binding you into agreements to have your eggs or fetuses harvested. It’s gross, I know, but this is how Humans have been manipulated as a slave race for thousands of years. See my previous post about Magdalene. Yahweh and Jehovah were interdimensionals pretending to be Gods… casting all kinds of miseries on Humankind while pretending to be saviors. Geez, we have been agreeing to this B>S. for years. To awaken, is not to be “awake” to aliens in our mist, it’s to be awake that the people telling you about the aliens are quite possibly psychopaths themselves who hijacked the whole ascension process. Anyone who then questions this, becomes labeled as “part of the dark alliance.” And still, we must LOVE, because the tricksters know, this level of revealing will cause us to not trust anyone. Beautiful Humanity, our compassionate and trusting hearts is exactly what the predators use us for. Turn it around and Love deeply, but don’t be fooled. It’s a great Revelation to see through all the layers of the Matrix.

Neptune will receive the t-square from Jupiter in Sagittarius, 18’ (Justice and Truth) and the Sun in Gemini (a degree in the Orion belt near Rigel and Bellatrix) at 19’. Neptune in Pisces(vast illusions) at 18” will be opposed by the Moon in Virgo.(get the details straight). If you can imagine a huge Arrow will be made across the heavens to reveal the deceptions of Neptunian addictions to “messiahs’” who are may be knowingly or deceived themselves to harvest the light of many beautiful Souls. Here is my suggestion, “I Command and Decree, any cord I have knowingly or unknowingly made by watching the videos of, having a session with, or being tagged with implants that target me further for abduction, having my energy siphoned off, or entangling my absolute Sovereignty are hereby declared Null and Void. Any thought forms or actions; either conscious or unconsciously made in participation with the tricksters can not affect my friends, family or clients. I am the Full Light of awareness, and my Infinite Self will be the Vigilant sword of Justice and Truth. I am a warrior Love, and will no longer be deceived. So it is.”

Lalita Karoli