Leo New Moon. Sovereignty as the Cycle of Time comes to Completion.

July 31, 2019 at 11:11 P.M. here in South Woodstock, Vermont the New Moon In Leo at 8” 36 minutes, at fixed Star Asellus Australis… the Mare Ass, A Resting Place and the ENDING or STOP. North and South Aselli outflank the stellar cluster of the Manger. “This might be the origin of the Nativity pictures of the birth of Christ, of the Donkey always behind the manger.” AstrologyKing.com I made a video yesterday about Sovereignty and was feeling that a Christ is fully Sovereign, like a Lioness. I had the intuition that like a donkey, which is a loveable creature, yet it can be self willed and uncooperative at times, stubborn and resistant… we all need to practice this as our Sun and Moon meet in Leo. Rest for a moment in the traits of the constellation of the Donkey’s Ass, marking the New Moon of what seeds we sow into the fertile grounds of the “end of Time.”

Last month I wrote a blog for the Meditation on Dissolution, which is still potent at this New Moon. The Nodes are still Square to Athena and Asteroid Lillith. Saturn is still retrograde with the South Node of our Collective past conjunct Lyra and Vega, where many Starseeds remember a complete annhilation. Yet, we are still here…. Indestructible. Saturn as Cronos is the Lord of Time. Pluto is the unconscious Death wish for complete Transformation. Whether we have a timeline of armageddon or ascension… the end of time, Saturn Pluto conjunction is coming… a rare alignment that can occur perhaps every two thousand years. The more we are in our sovereignty, and acknowledge a dissolution of the current structures, the easier the transition can be made. In my youTube video on Lalita Karoli Channel titled Sovereign…. I speak to get the conversation going in a fearless direction. If we hold to tight to the ascension without acknowledging the possibility of destruction… the Shadow grows. Try to hold each possibility with awareness. Our consciousness will create what we fear the most… so make peace with the beauty that we are Infinite beings.

Here are some keywords for a Sun and Moon in Leo at the FULL STOP of the Donkey’s ass… while Saturn and Pluto prepare for the end time. Sovereign: Possessing supreme or Ultimate power. Supreme, absolute, unrestricted, unrestrained, boundless, infinite, ultimate, total, unconditional, full, utter, paramount, chief, royal, regal, Queenly, autonomous, Maharaja, nonaligned, free. These are the words of any Master. These are the words I impress upon my Daughters. I model my authenticity as an absolute, unrestricted, boundless, infinite, nonaligned and free Being. I give example of how to say NO, set boundaries, leave groups, lay down the law, and remain my own authority. Yesterday my younger daughter was asking for her freedom to travel alone to New York. I said No, but that I would travel with her until I am sure she is Sovereign and can hold her own authority in any situation. She told me she has had many offerings of cocaine and other drugs and she was always able to clearly say no. She has been invited into dangerous situations and she held her own total, full and unconditional decision to not participate. I said good, you are well on your way to Mastery. It’s my responsibility to communicate the necessity of autonomous power. I know the entire Matrix is a mass consciousness insanity, of mind controlled dependency. I have to teach Nonaligned, free conduct, if this planet is going to be liberated.

Practice being a Donkey’s Ass for this New Moon. Show your Stubborn side, which is part of the Royalty in the Seasonal Sign of Leo. Act at the end of Time with the coming Saturn Pluto exact conjunction with determined Free Will. Ask others to commit to being Authentic, to take off the personality mask of being Nice to be Liked, and look in the mirror to your Inner tiger. Now, and only now, is the time.

Lalita Karoli