Meditation on Dissolution, Lunar Eclipse July 16, 2019

Trust that the collective past is being dissolved, as we are made of the absolute, infinite Being, the Great Cosmic Mother. Her codes include allowing the most terrifying abyss to surface and face it, meditate on it, die a thousand deaths to it, experience sheer terror, and absolve it forever. This is Chandi, the Moon Goddess, she cuts off her own head to stand upon both her Beloved Lord Shiva and Her Demon self the Asura. It is in her own annhilation that she is victorious. This is happening for many now… and it is raising red flags, we love ourselves and our friends… who seem to be entering contracts with their own destruction. We must allow this initiation of the Saturn Pluto Moon conjunction on the South Node In Feminine Earth sign Capricorn to bring a LONG TERM CHANGE. It may bring up our deepest fears, wounds and the shadow self as we witness what seems our sister or brother’s certain doom. Here we act as Sacred Witness to hold space for the death and regeneration of collective past. Some of us will go through a fire willingly to dissolve the membranes of what we find most dreadful. It could be you hold the archetype for Persephone, asteroid #399 at your Vertex, and you MUST be abducted into the Underworld in order to come into your mission. Perhaps you are experiencing this physically; your teeth are falling out, your gums are bleeding, the bones in your femurs ache as if from radiation as in the complete devastation of Lyra, Vega… the fixed Star where the South Node of our Collective past is transiting. You survived that annhilation, why, Because you are ETERNAL.

Over the next several months Saturn and Pluto will continue to meet the responsible Capricorn Moon. It may seem hopeless as Walmart employees are now being asked to shop for clients too “busy” to make selections themselves. The Walmart staff of shoppers begin their day at 4 A.M. shopping for those of us who feel inconvenienced or entitled to have someone buy the food and birthday presents for the family. We as Americans may feel dependent upon these shopping apps on our smartphones, and if something goes wrong with our order, we may feel to traumatize the Walmart worker by screaming obscenities, because that young man surely caused the inconvenience… he surely designed the Walmart Shopper App himself… and updates it regularly in his other profession as a software designer. I am being sarcastic for sure. Please, the level of wound, shadow and re-traumatizing anyone within our reach is at an all time high. Saturn is the God of Agriculture, and wondering why we did not grow the food ourselves… what you sow is what you reap, the Man with a Sickle in hand says wisely. What we can do is keep meditating on the allowance of the meaningless existence humans have entered into and say yes, “this is me, this is me too.” Then I do a meditation where I see my human form, I see my teeth drop out, my gums dissolve, my hair fall out, my face melts, my skin sloughs off, my internal organs turn to black rotting mush, my nervous system dries up and my shining white bones dissolve into dust. Meditation is the Cremation Grounds. The disassembling of all of me into the abyss the black nothingness. I then am the fabric of space, all the stars are my hair… I am home again in Great cosmic Mother. I float in Her song of the spheres. I am her music. I begin to reassemble myself swirling like a fractal paisley pattern, pulling energy for stars and planets and I re_create myself in human form, each crystalline bone, the nervous system, connecting to the spinal column… I put the skull of my head back on top and arrange my organs, muscles and skin. I open bright eyes, and shining teeth, healthy gums and glorious hair. I am that I am, I am all that I am. And with new eyes I view the experience of each person that I am. I do not fear for us all anymore. I allow. I am in allowance of the full experience in what ever path takes us. Alpha Lyra the bright Sapphire Star in the handle of the Lyre shines down with me. She says, yes my child. You are Indestructible. I cry because I know it’s true. I am. We Are… indestructible.

I invite you to meditate on this dissolution whenever the chaos, hopelessness, or fog seems quite thick. You can also go back to the blog that I wrote about the Capricorn moon, it will pass through the Saturn Pluto keyhole every 29 days. The North Node in feminine water, Cancer is asking us for the Love, that allows the healing of our Mother Wounds… with Venus there, she says, hold your Mother Closer and let us warmly embrace all Mother’s Children throughout time and space. (I happen to know the young Man who is a shopping assistant at Walmart and He is a Galactic Jedi here to hold space for us.)

Asteroid Lillith and Asteroid Athena are square both Nodes… and you can tune into my video about this eclipse to feel into the Amazonian Horse Back Riding Matriarchal Tribal Women… on the Lalita karoli YouTube channel.

Lalita Karoli