How I left the 5d Matrix. Virgo Perfecting the Planet Mars

One year ago, I left the 5d Matrix. It may sound like How I left Mormonism, or Catholism, or all the other isms that were orchestrated centuries ago, or even millenium ago to reduce sovereignty. There are certain curses involved if one leaves a dogma. The Mormons particularly curse the female line to have no family or cultural relationships. The Catholics say you cannot remarry once you have divorced… and if you do, you may be relieved of your ability to attend church. In the 5 d Matrix, I faced the illusion of not being one of the “ascending ones” I may be categorized as the “low Vibe tribe” or receive the many comments about why I was acknowledging the “dark forces.” If I mentioned concerns for the ecology of the planet, I was reprimanded that Gaia was not in “pain” and that i should stay out of the drama. The religion I was part of required weekly meditations, on Sundays at 8:11, 11:11 and 5:11. We were to connect and create a grid. There were certain holidays that I was supposed to prescribe to that made no sense whatsoever to my astronomy lessons or my Astrological knowledge. There was superstition involved about “blood Moons, Blue Moons” and “gates,” it all seemed so necessary. I wanted to be a “lightworker” I wanted to make sure I signed up for the “spinning of my torsion field in a new direction , and removing of the reptoid DNA” We were supposed to lay down at a certain time, after a payment on pay pal and let the “arcturian high Council” do the works. I wondered about the Arcturian low Council… were they part of this also. Is there a hierarchy among Arcturians? I wondered about the necessary “cranial incisions” offered by the “Galactic Central Sun Race” how convenient. I don’t have to evolve, myself, it could be instantaneous, online, free and effortless. I went to countless ascension conferences and found the leaders of these cults to be teaching from platforms of some spiritual experience they had once and therefore it was a belief system. I even had ascension conferences here at my home, because I had some spiritual experiences to teach from as a platform. I held the Sunday unity meditation here for well over a year. I served tea. I was sure, I was one of the “In Crowd.” Some of my friends had taken elixers and had implants removed by a popular Galactic Connection speaker. She promised that she had word from “prime Creator” that we would all be ascending within 6 months and put in crystal recovery chambers. Then that popular host disappeared completely. One fellow from a very famous extraterrestrial center kept promising week after week that the “gold” from Chinese elders is coming. There were 5 d astrologers upgrading everything and offering special packages to star seeds. I looked at their offerings and listened to the videos, whoa! This was just more of the same interventions into a classical science, that few understand, but virtually anyone can claim to have developed a new approach that they received from their “guides.” I bought into a lot of this because I certainly want to be part of the team “light.” But, more than anything I was alarmed by the many predictions that never came true. The bifurcation of timelines… that some split would happen and 3d people would not be able to see me anymore. I tested it all. I studied the course work, I made my donations. I listened to all the interviews. It was all a sacred mirror. And Then I REALIZED. This was another orchestrated religion to capture and Cage. As Jeff Foster has termed it… it became the New cAge movement. The Good News Gurus shamed any negativity, depression, anguish, grief, illness, lack, marital disputes etc. We were capable of normalizing any abuse for the shame that we would not be “ascending.” Some people even left their families and went on worldwide “missions” to put crystals on leylines. They returned to heartbreak, and loss of home. Some people have been waiting for this ascension for 30 years, and they are now destitute, facing forclosure and bankruptcy in their seventies, not by choice to be free… but by default, because the predictions have been coming in strong since the 1980’s.

Now, I am not saying that we are not ascending, descending, or anything… What I am questioning is the whole made up hierarchy of it. Am I any more evolved than my Sisters in other countries who have no idea the New Age has taken hold? I want this conversation to unite us. We are One Being of Gaia. With Mars, Venus, the Sun, Mercury and the Moon traveling through the Details of the Perfect Seeds of Virgo… we will be put to the test with the opposition of each of these planets to Neptune in Pisces, “the Illusionist.” Please watch my videos on YouTube, “Spiritual Narcotics, Don’t Believe The Hype.” Mars will only pass through Virgo every two years, so we have an important opportunity to receive the Perfecting of the Warrior Planet. These planets in Virgo will Square Jupiter in Sagittarius for Truth and Justice… which can happen only every 12 years… and not again in our lifetimes to the square with Pisces in Neptune. It may feel like a “crisis in Action” if you have been waiting for a messiah, gate or Timeline bifurcations… because there is a sudden AHA! Mars will cause you to want to take action, but if you have normalized an enormous amount of abuse from a (partner) or some other social network, where you spent years pretending to be a High vibe Member… the reality check of Karmic debt can be extreme. Wake up anyway! The 5d matrix was created for a test… the grandest illusion of the Kaliyuga. Be joyful, you came to awareness. Shed the skin, and be free.

Lalita Karoli