Venus Combust. The Battle Goddess. All Fired UP!

The Sun burns and agitates any planet in its close proximity. On August 11, 2019, Venus will conjoin the Sun at 18’ in the seasonal sign of Leo. The Sun purifies the influence of the planet. In the case of Venus, the fulfillment of love, sensual pleasure and erotic desires is fully consumed in the spiritualizing rays of the Sun. The Sun is a Domicile Lord in Leo and therefore has all its strength of alchemy, to make love Divine, unconditional, supremely devoted to realization, and self actualization. In Sanskrit the word is Chaitanya, In The Heart Of GOD, is an apt description.

Because Venus rules the throat and the vocal chords, her expression has a fiery principle. No Word can remain unspoken. She becomes the Fire Dakini, dancing in the flames of Satya- Agni, purification. The Tapasya of Spiritual Heat consumes her. This combustion of Venus and the Sun teaches us to communicate love, without the need for being liked. The ego is burned away. Pure Fire Remains. Venus, with all her beauty is invisible within 8’ degrees of the Sun. She is usually peace loving as the ruler of Libra and Taurus…. there she just wants everyone to get along and be loving (verb). In Combustion, She wants to be LOVE, a state of being beyond likes or dislikes. The avoidance on conflict may have given her a fake vaneer for pleasing all. As Morning Star Venus, traveling in the day sky, with the Sun, she is the Battle Goddess. Compliments, praise and adoration are nothing to Sun combust Venus. She wants her Sovereignty. “She is the quiver ready at hand, the heart of the Battle, the arm of the Warriors, more passionate than Athena. She is the all-devouring; attacking like a storm, having an awesome face and an angry heart…. Heaven is mine, Earth is Mine, can any God Vie me?… The gods are sparrows and I am a Falcon. The Annunaki trundle along - I am a splendid Wild COW!” the Summerian tablets

These transits are integral to the experience of anyone who has a Libra or Taurus Ascendant. It may also be potent if the Placement of 18’ planets or points amplify the energy. If you don’t relate to the archetypes of Astrology, you can certainly feel the magnetics. Last year, we had an eclipse on August 11, 2018…. and this combustion at the same 18’ degrees of Leo is adding punctuation to the portal that opened one year ago.

This degree trines my natal Sun in Sagittarius, and Libra is the ruler of my Ascendant also found in Sagittarius. I bless and praise those who are willing to disagree, conflict, be disliked, and purify the expression of Love.

Lalita Karoli