Astrology is not predictive, it's ProACTIVE. Harvest Full Moon

I am again reaching the “absolutely amazed” at the delusion level… as this Full moon in Pisces will be within a three degree orb of Neptune… the fantasy. Pisces is already predisposed to an absolute fictional existence… often lost in delusions and dreams of other worlds. In the best sense Pisces provides an escape from mundane reality and hard work … which it’s opposition in Virgo, provides the details for that material security. Neptune in Pisces is the ultimate escapism, relying on the lottery of predicted events. They come and go, like a wave on the ocean… here is a 9/9 portal… again nothing happened. WE HAVE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. The Celestials can be beaming down possibilities, only the Terrestrials can manifest in labor, action, and procreation. A Neptune at 17’ Pisces aspected Moon gives the mass numbing affect of spiritual opium. Luckily, Black Moon Lillith, the one who severs these narcotics, is at 13’ Pisces and closing in fast on Neptune’s porn. The Full Moon on September 14 here on Eastern Time is at 21’Pisces. My North Node is in Pisces… so I have had the grace to overcome much of the “easily seduced” nature of Pisces… See my previous blog on “How I left the 5d Matrix.” Check your charts to see in what House your delusions may be playing out. Then find the opposing planets for the Magic that you can make happen when you apply yourself in Physical Experience.

Mercury will be in Virgo, in its Dignity is analytical understanding of what is practical, realistic and instinctive. Incorruptible decisions for what is useful, sober, methodical and SMART.

Venus in Virgo is a fall… meaning she is not in her erotic glory. She expresses her love with practical gestures such as cooking or massage. She is a good gardener, mixing the beauty of flowers, with the necessity of food. She is reliable, competent and perhaps modest in Virgo.

Mars in Virgo is perfecting the “right dosage” Mars which is otherwise passionate, courageous, and even aggressive becomes methodical, critically careful, and precise. He is a skilled worker, caring and controlled in Virgo.

Sun in Virgo correspnds to the Harvest in which the chaff is separated from the wheat. The symbol of Virgo corresponds to the “death rune” and is interpreted as the critical examination of what will be a healthy seed… versus, the damaging and potentially toxic storage of grains that are not mature, have mildew, are stored wet or in improper conditions. The joy is in the details… and all of this makes an opposition to the Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces, which has no joy in details… but would offer one predictive illusion after the next to escape the personal responsibility of the Harvest.

How do we balance these opposing energies? We certainly are making little difference by posting articles about glyphosate soaked fields and spray on the oats just before it is harvested… we must be the change we wish to see. There are many community gardens all over the planet, and you can start one. Permaculture is a joyful process of living close to Gaia and making real change in living soils. Please check my youtube video: Practical Magic Permaculture, and perhaps join the facebook page “Practical Magic Permaculture” You can share your own videos and photos there… and get out of the prediction insanity web by sharing this blog. For a chart reading that explains your best map to terrestrial life… please contact me.

Lalita Karoli