“I have had both sessions with Lalita and taken part in her Whole Signs Galactic Astrology course. I had studied my natal chart independently for years and never felt like I had fully grasped it. I was not looking for a professional reading but her style of hand drawn charts resonated with me, and the method of drawing in whole signs based on ancient teachings made sense to me. Lalita did the first professional reading of my chart and helped me understand myself more clearly through her interpretation of the more complex aspects in my chart. Her use of the goddess archetypes also helped me understand aspects of my personality in a new way. I signed up for her astrology course to help me understand my chart at an even deeper level, and her teachings have greatly accelerated my astrology studies so that I can read my own chart much more fluently. Her videos explain astrology in a clear, simple and relatable way. If you are considering a reading or studying with Lalita, then I would highly recommend that you do!”

--Holly Peckham


"Lalita unravels the wisdom of the cosmos in such a graceful, powerful way, which communicates through the heart and directly to your spirit and soul. The main key elements I have taken so far are: the capacity to approach my astrological natal chart (which I had never done before), to understand my ascendant and truly grasp how to engage this, my sun and moon sign, which have empowered me to balance more deploy and understand my strengths and weaknesses. Then, my main planets and how they support me. This has been an entirely benevolent, empowering study, removing any idea of astrology being controlling or manipulative...the sovereignty is in our own hands, and we awaken to co-creation and positive futures. Furthermore I have absolutely loved the involvement of mythology, key stories of our human existence, which weave into my own, and illuminate aspects of my personality and expression. I feel I have been supporting in so many ways in so many ways to stand on my own two feet and begin to burrow into the embrace of the stars and planets. This is the beginning of a conscious relationship with the heavens...and of course, the earth right below my feet. A most grounded and transcendent course. I most highly recommend as a well-rounded, studious meaty and spiritual practice. Can't wait for more!!!”

—Emeline Miramar


“I can’t recommend Lalita HIGHLY ENOUGH. She put my chart together and helped me during a time that was so scary/gutting for me, I felt like I was in a state of legitimate shock that I could not seem to pull myself out of. She helped me to not only understand and get clarity, but honored me as I am. I am a very alone person with no friends or community of any kind…community being what I have wished for most in my life. So the Reading…being Heard and Seen was a Healing note for me. My father (and all relations) refuses to acknowledge me since leaving my religion of birth. My Eris conjunct Chiron on 11th Aries was a highlight that Lalita wanted to talk about with me. I really appreciated her heartfelt service…the quality and work as Integrity-filled and I am so grateful. I hope others will consider saving up as I did to receive this gift. Looking forward to major changes this year. “

— Miriam All


“Lalita is fluent in the language of the stars, couple that with her truth speaking authenticity and you have a powerful agent of transformation. I have had Lalita read multiple charts for members of my family and now I refer clients to her as well, because having an overview of why we or our children came here, what they chose to work with while they are here, and what the framework is for how they will process things, is an invaluable tool in parenting, especially for higher consciousness children. Lalita is master of her craft.“

— Cristine Schilling